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The Incredible Lapis Lazuli Healing Buddha And Bodhisattvas.

Medicine Buddha (Sangye Menla in Tibetan) the manifestation of the healing energy of all Buddhas. He wears monastic robes and sits on a lion throne. The color of his body is dark blue and his left hand holds a bowl filled with nectar and another hand holds a stem of Arura.  Medicine Buddha and His pure land is known as the "Eastern Lapis Lazuli Light" and He is flanked by the two chief Bodhisattvas of that pure land and the Bodhisattvas names are as follows:-
1] The Solar Radiance of Suryaprabha Bodhisattva - His celestial's physical manifestation is red and his right hand holds the sun wheel while the left hand holds a red flower. At the time of death, when a dying person invokes the Buddha in earnestness, this Bodhisattvas appear and help the dying person obtain birth on a lotus flower in Eastern Lapis Lazuli Light pure land.
2] The Lunar Radiance of Candraprabha Bodhisattva - His celestial's physical manifestation is white. He sits on a swan and holds the moon wheel in his hand. 
At the time of death, when a dying person invokes the Buddha in earnestness, this Bodhisattvas appear and help the dying person obtain birth on a lotus flower in Eastern Lapis Lazuli Light pure land
Buddha Shakyamuni gave the Medicine Buddha teachings at the perfect moment and at the perfect place – Vaishali, India. Buddha Shakyamuni presented the teaching that would be preserved as the Sutra of the Medicine Buddha. This teaching became very prominent in India and came to Tibet in the eighth century.

Shakyamuni describes Medicine Buddha as an enlightened being who has special powers of healing. The special healing blessings of Medicine Buddha may be obtained by reciting his name or mantra. For centuries, Buddhists have been reciting this mantra prayer, to bring an ultimate healing of spiritual disease, as well as cures for everyday problems of the body and mind.  
The Medicine Buddha is one of the most honored figures in the Buddhist pantheon. The sutras in which he appears compare his eastern pure land with the western paradise of Amitabha, and rebirth there is said to be as conducive to enlightenment as is rebirth in Sukhavati. Recitation of his mantra, or even the mere repetition of his holy name, is said to be sufficient to grant release from the lower realms, protection from worldly dangers and freedom from untimely death. In one of the main sutras concerning the Medicine Buddha, Shakyamuni tells his close disciple and attendant Ananda: -

"If these sentient beings , those plunged into the depths of samsara's sufferings hear the name of the Lord Master of Healing Medicine Buddha, the Lapis Lazuli Radiance Tathagatha, and with utmost sincerity accept it and hold onto it, and no doubts arise, then they will not fall into a woesome path."   
According to Buddha Shakyamuni’s teachings, there are seven other emanations of the Medicine Buddha, each with his own color and pure land. Sangye Menla, the Medicine Buddha is blue and dwells in pleasing upon seeing. These various Medicine Buddha emanations are of various colors, such as gold, yellow, pink, red, and blue. 

By reciting his holy mantra it is a very powerful method and increasing healing powers for oneself and others, but also for overcoming the inner sickness of attachment, hatred, ignorance and the purification of negative physical and mental karma. Thus to meditate on the Medicine Buddha can help decrease physical and mental illness and suffering. 

If we can recite Medicine Buddha mantra every day and is good to do at least 5 malas, this will purify negative karma and will help you never to be reborn in the lower realms. According to Medicine Buddha sutra that even if an animal hears the Medicine Buddha mantra it will never be reborn in the lower realms. 

If we don’t purify negative karma, when dying because of negative karma that not been purified, so we will be reborn in the lower realms as a hell being, hungry ghost or animal, and repeatedly without end. We need to purify the negative karma now. If you cannot bear the sickness now, how can we bear the suffering of the lower realms?  

Medicine Buddha mantra prevents us from experiencing these related suffering, it is more precious than gold, diamonds or wish-fulfilling jewels all this wealth means nothing because it can’t purify all the negative karma.  Medicine Buddha mantra is precious because it leaves imprints of the whole path to enlightenment in your mind; it helps you to have realizations of the enlightenment. 
The incredible power of healing prayer can keep them in your heart. Share them with your love ones , friends, and spread the prayers and inspiration of the supreme Healers of Medicine Buddhas and his two chief saviors, The Radiant Sunlight Suryaprabha Bodhisattva and The Radiant Moonlight Candraprabha Bodhisattva.

The details of Medicine Buddha and His Bodhisattvas is available to download  here :-

Thank you for reading, may you find peace and great bliss. With your support it helps to spread the Buddha’s precious teachings and turning the Dharma wheels in the world.

Aspiration For Bodhichitta
For those in whom the precious Bodhichitta has not arisen
May it arise and not decrease
But increase further and further.

Dedication of Merit
By this merit may we obtain omniscience then.
Having defeated the enemies wrong-doings.
May we liberate migrators from the ocean of existence.
With its stormy waves of birth, old age, sickness and death.

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